Single Vehicle Movements

Fleet Network specialise in single vehicle deliveries. Our dedicated transport drivers are fully trained to meet the highest approvals required in the Fleet Industry. We carry out full customer handovers, and complete all necessary leasing paperwork on either delivery handover forms or by using our hand held devices, also known as Model Units. Fleet Network Ltd can personalise every delivery experience, leaving your clients totally satisfied.

Multiple Vehicle Movements

Our versatile transporters can carry up to 13 vehicles at any one time, and as with our single units our drivers will carry out professional handover requests and complete all necessary paperwork when required. This service provides our clients with significant cost savings when delivering multiple vehicles.

Driven Deliveries

We provide an excellent driven service. Whether your vehicles are taxed and being delivered to an end user, or they require trade plates, we will deliver them on the agreed date and time. Our clients frequently use this service for customer deliveries, dealer transfers and auction movements.

Timed Deliveries

Fleet Network understand the importance of meeting agreed delivery times. We can arrange any time to suit you or your customer, and will do everything we can to ensure minimal disruption to your working day.

Storage Sites

We have access to storage sites throughout the country, and can offer a short or long term facility.

Model Units

The Model system was introduced in order to provide leasing companies with an immediate copy of their paperwork, this being achieved via a PDA device. Our transport drivers are fully trained and experienced in using these hand held devices.

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